Smooth cuts with the Foxtail

A long discussion in the circle because if you can run really clean, smooth cuts by hand with a handsaw led spontaneously to this post.


Smooth saw cuts with the handsaw are not rocket science. They require only three things: A sharp saw, a cutter knife and a little practice.

With a handsaw with a relatively coarse 7TPI dentition can quickly saw. So did a pencil line and losgesägt.


The cutting edges at the top are my STANLEY Sawing always quite clean, but on the bottom, the cut edges are often ragged and fragmented. Especially if you sawed long-fiber softwood.

If you can not see the back of the board agreed later, that's often not a problem. If you want the workpiece but on both sides have a smooth cut edge must proceed differently.

Start with the pencil is marked with a cutter knife. The average is around applied to the workpiece to sawing with the angle. There is no harm doing nothing, when the cutter is out with some pressure.

Stanley02012Saw cut is then on the drop side next to the cutting with the cutter. If there are problems when you start the saw, then simply cut a notch.
Laterally along sawing Now with a steady hand and without pressure on the cut line.

And here then is the result:

A clean saw edge without tearing - both the top and bottom of the workpiece.

And here's a hint for the computer scientists among my readers: The pre-cutting of the cutting edges can be applied when working with an electric saw. It also leads in this case to significantly finer cut edges.

Practice makes perfect

Just to remind you: Working with a handsaw can provide very good results, which are not inferior to a circular saw the simple home improvement class. For this is only a little exercise needed.


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