Build bench

Comfortable seating for the hallway a lot of space and storage space.
Möbelbau-Anleitung Sitzbank

2 x edge band
1 x chipboard (762 x 400 x 19 mm), ground
2 x clamping plate (400 x 400 x 19 mm), side panel
1 x chipboard (800 x 400 x 19 mm), lid
8 x JD Plus Universal screws (4.5 x 50 mm)
1 x laminated white oak (762 x 160 x 19 mm), aperture
1 x chipboard (762 x 381 x 19 mm), intermediate shelf
Adhesive for laminate
1 x rod hinge (600 x 32 mm)
1 x chipboard (762 x 160 x 19 mm), aperture
16 x connecting bolts
1 x chipboard (762 x 376 x 19 mm), rear wall
1. Arbeitsschritt
1st step
Take the side panels and drill these before. On the left side the holes are superposed and have a lateral distance of 30 mm. The first hole is 50 mm, the second at 140 mm measured from the top and the third at 10 mm from the bottom edge.

2. Arbeitsschritt
2. step
On the right side of the side part and 3 holes for mounting the rear wall and the floor will be carried out. These have a lateral distance of 10 mm, 2 of which are located at 50 mm from the corner and is located at 50 mm from the top. Please take care when drilling that it even is a left and a right side part.

3. Arbeitsschritt
3. step
Now make the holes in the rear wall. Measure 150 mm from the side edges and 170 mm from the top down, set a flag and then drill at these points by.

4. Arbeitsschritt
4. step
In order to fasten the bezel to the intermediate floor are the left and right starting measured from the corners of the intermediate base 30 mm and made holes.

5. Arbeitsschritt
5. step
Then measure 20 mm from the outer edge of the intermediate bottom, then reinstall the panel and fix the position using the angle clamps. Before the two parts are screwed together, the diaphragm is easily drilled through the predrilled holes in the false floor. This splintering of the disc is avoided. Now the panel is screwed by means of 2 connection bolts to the intermediate base.

6. Arbeitsschritt
6. step
Place the side panel on the bottom part and fix both by using the angle clamps. Pay attention to the squareness and the position of the pre-drilled holes. Before screwing, drill through the pre-holes before the depth of the connecting bolts in the center of the bottom board part. Fix the side panel using 2 connecting bolts.

7. Arbeitsschritt
7. step
Now, the back wall is placed on the bottom part, fixed to the side panel with angle clamps and both aligned at right angles. The depth of the connecting bolts is then through the pre-drilled holes in the side panel pre-drilled in the board middle of the back wall and screwed by means of this 2 x connecting bolts. Now the second side part is attached as in the first to the rear wall.
8. Arbeitsschritt
8. Working Step
Now measure on the side parts each of the top edge 160 mm from and draw marks on the fixing of the intermediate bottom. Insert the finished construction of the false floor and the panel and fix it by means of angle clamps. Now you drill through the prefabricated holes the depth of the connecting bolts in the center of the board to be screwed parts. Then fix all the parts together by means of connecting bolts. Always pay attention to the squareness.

9. Arbeitsschritt
9. step
Place the rod hinge centrally on the upper edge of the rear wall and stand on the positions of the hinge. Then fix this on the lid and the rear wall. Make sure that the edges of the cover are flush in the viewing area.

10. Arbeitsschritt
10th step
If desired, you can construct variable shelf inserts, thus creating additional storage space. For this, you drill 2 holes on the side panels and at a distance of 50 mm from the edge. Now, the side panels can be attached with 4 universal screws with the cross-piece. Finished!


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