Build table pallet itself

Probably the simplest thing you could build from the pallets (Euro pallet), is a pallet table. But how does one proceed if you want to build a table from pallets themselves. In this manual we try to show you how to proceed in order to build a simple pallet table itself. So we place here goes. First you have to get a whole pallets and another possibly slightly damaged pallet. The pallets, which we use in this assembly guide are Euro pallets.

Step 1: get Euro pallets
Old Euro Pallet Step 1
Alte Europalette Schritt 1
Step 2: Remove the defective boards
Step2 defective boards remove 2
Schritt2 defekte Bretter entfernen 2
As you can see in the picture, in our case, an outside board (Brett1) was defective. We later replaced it with another. (If this external board would not have been broken, we would have left it | So the boards 1,3 and 5 - two outer and middle board should not degrade you, if the boards are in order !!!)

Step 3: Remove and gently The boards 2 and 4, because you will need these two boards again later.
Step 3 Remove the boards 2 and 4

Step 3 boards 2 and 4 also degrade degrade
Schritt 3 Bretter 2 und 4 abbauen
Schritt 3 Bretter 2 und 4 abbauen ebenfalls abbauen

Step 4 Adjust the boards 2
So now we have the boards exactly matched that all together form a common interface.

Step 5 matched boards fasten

Schritt 4 die Bretter anpassen
Step 5: All the boards with nails fasten (pay attention to the length of the nails)

Schritt 5 angepasste Bretter befestigen
Tip: If you want to build the range furniture sustainably, so you can even use the old nails again !!!

The old nails reusable

And so about the table may look when getting ready painted and decorated. Wonderful is not it?


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