Little boxes made of basswood


As starting material for the two boxes we basswood chosen because the boxes lid should get with carvings.

The raw material was the rest of  who was separated with the Panther sheet on the table saw. For the side panels, a timber was cut from the middle of the pile, and then separated into 15mm thick boards. The lid was cut from the rest and separated vertically. As the 70mm the table saw is not sufficient, it was sawed on two sides and cut the remainder with the Foxtail by hand. Since the lime wood has a very homogeneous structure and is relatively soft, which went quite without a hitch.


Even here it was found that linden wood was a good choice. It can be worked well with hand tools, making it in my eyes the ideal material for the first projects with solid wood.

Planed boards were cut to the circular saw miter and glued with white glue. Here the Bessey Band Clamp proven - thanks to the corner pieces everything was aligned at an angle and are braced for drying.

The two covers were provided with a frieze and then finely grinded with 320 paper. After the ornaments were carved into the lid.

The base plates have been chamfered with the plane and then the body could each be bonded to the base plate.

The next day all the wooden parts treated with boiled linseed oil. After the application has been serviced and then polished all surfaces with a dry cloth for 20 minutes.
The insides of the boxes were not oiled.


The final step was the installation of hinges. These were inserted using a small Beitels and Schnitzmessers in the body flush with the top edge.


Finally, the hinges can be screwed to the lid. In order that the boxes are then completed.
Undersides of floors have retained their planing tracks from Smoothing Plane. Thus, in the future at any time can be seen that this is true craftsmanship in these boxes.
Here are some pictures of the finished boxes.


The total expense for the production of both boxes is approximately 15 hours, of which about 6 hours flowed alone in carving the lid. Because of the dry season when bonding and oils, work over 3 days have spread.


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