27 ideas to build furniture recycling the pallet

Oh yes, I really like the creative recycling, as you can see it by clicking on the label "creative recycling" There are currently 10 posts, including this one. Today I want to delight with projects taken from the web, in which the protagonist is the pallet, which is the famous wooden pallet that forklifts use as a base to move all types of goods.

Let's start off with the 27 projects!

In this article the three proposals are:

1) puof

2) Shoe

3) Armchair

4) vertical garden wood pallet

5) Garden table

6) Sun loungers

7) Shelf door pans

8) Table gardening

9) Double

10) Library / storage

11) Picnic table

12) Wall covering

13) tv

14) Bench

15) Tray

16) Sofa

17) Sofas for Home theater

18) Armchair

19) Furniture for offices

20) Desk

21) Coffee Table

22) Storage compartment (Tutorial at this link)

23) Box for composting

24) hanging armchair

25) Scale

26) Casetta games for children

27) House

Did you ever think that with the pallet is potessere realize so many projects? Even a real home !!!

Which ones my favorite of all is the hanging chair, that the picture also looks very comfortable, but also the home is not bad, I find the wonderful light effect that can be seen from the outside! And then also the bed / sofa is very nice and helpful, since the lower part can be used as storage ... and what about the cute little house for children wanting to could also be a storage for tools? And the wonderful vertical garden, is not that it is too beautiful?

And you prefer to what project?

These are only 27 projects, in reality they can do many others, such as ....


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