Holes: Always nice sequentially!

Regularity is the alpha and omega in sprouts for grilles, railings and Co. If the distances are not exactly the same, the human eye is relentless and spotted the error immediately.

For the drilling of holes for the router (for example, in the grid-32 system for shelves) there are practical templates (see Holzwerken 28, May / June 2011). But most rows will now once created on the drill, and here you should save the marking and do the job easily. Using a small tool it is the - and the desirable accuracy you get paid!
Set to start the drill stop in the desired distance from the drill. Then access to a rectangular residual block, which should have at least two centimeters high. This put the stop and pierce it at one end. This pad is now so eager to stop the drill, that the workpiece can still be just by sliding under it.
Now draw the first and second drill point of the series on the workpiece and drill the first. Then slide the workpiece under the auxiliary block. Insert a second drill through the hole so that it slides into the first hole in the workpiece.
Now comes the crucial step: you so that the work piece is just right to lie for drilling position No. 2 shift auxiliary pad and workpiece together.. Now you draw the auxiliary Klotz been finalized.
And now it comes ruckzuck: drilling, lifting the index pin (the second drill) out of his hole and push the workpiece on. So far, until the index pin falls into the straight hole drilled. Again drill, move, and so on. A tip for last: The work goes faster if you use as indexing pin the smooth rear end of the second drill because it gets better in the hole. This of course applies not only crazy drills, in which the diameter along the entire length remains the same.


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