Build coffee table shelf with laminate

Möbelbau-Anleitung Couchtischregal Laminat
1 x MDF raw (800 x 800 x 16 mm), rear wall
2 x MDF raw (768 x 290 x 16 mm), shelves
2 x wallpaper strips (768 x 16 x 4 mm), means bars
2 x wallpaper strips (768 x 18 x 4 mm), means bars
2 x wallpaper strips (804 x 18 x 4 mm), sidebars
1 x laminate floorboards (816 x 816 x 8 mm), rear
375 ml paint
PU-hybrid glue
4 x MDF raw (784 x 290 x 16 mm), frame parts
2 x laminate floorboards (816 x 306 x 8 mm), side panels long
32 x Universal screws (4 x 40 mm)

1. Arbeitsschritt
1st step
Place the rear panel on a table. Make two frame parts mutually aligned perpendicular to the outer edges of the rear wall.

2. Arbeitsschritt
2. step
Secure both frame parts, each with a large clamp on the rear wall. Pay attention to the squareness. Now connect the two frame parts fixed to the rear wall by 3 per Universal screws. Measure to each a lateral distance of 6 cm, the third hole is drilled in the center between them. Now the screw from the side with 2 Universal screws through the frame part with a lateral distance of 5 cm is done.

3. Arbeitsschritt
3. step
Build the frame further peripherally. Do not forget to always be pre-drilled and to reduce the holes. Then adjust the shelves upright in the final corpus, flush with the rear panel and the frame parts. The distance between the two shelves you can decide according to their ideas. Look at the alignment of the shelves to the squareness to the body. Screw the shelves as follows: laterally from the outside through the frame parts, each with 2 universal screw with a lateral distance of 5 cm from the rear by the rear wall, each with 3 universal screw and a lateral distance of 6 cm, the third hole is drilled in the center.

4. Arbeitsschritt
4. step
Place the finished design on one side. Wear with the caulking gun to PU-Hybrid glue on the upward facing side evenly. Then, place a side panel on edge-glued to the side and press it firmly. You can also complain the page with bricks or books, until the adhesive has cured. Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications. Proceed by placing the opposite side of the same principle, the body on the newly laminated side.

5. Arbeitsschritt
5. step
Thereafter, the remaining two frame parts are also refined by the same principle. Turn the body by 90 degrees so that it stands on a not yet provided with laminate side. Apply the adhesive to the upwardly facing side evenly. Then, place a side part on all sides flush with the pre-glued side and press it firmly. Complain Replace the side panel as needed until the glue has hardened. Go in the opposite side before as described above.

6. Arbeitsschritt
6. step
Tilt now the body forward, with the rear wall facing upwards. They also here the glue on the rear wall evenly. Then place the pre-assembled and tailored back flush on all sides to the rear wall and press it firmly. Depending on the way you complain Again, the cover plate with weights. Once the glue has dried, you can raise the body again.

7. Arbeitsschritt
7. step
To beautify you can decorate the edges of the rack side rails. To do so, wear on the sidebars wood glue. Insert the sidebars flush with the frame parts on and press it firmly.

8. Arbeitsschritt
8. Working Step
Now apply the glue on the broad middle strips. And insert the middle bar at the top and bottom between the side rails, flush with the inside of the frame parts and press these firmly. You can then provide the above ground in 16 mm height means strips with the adhesive. Then place the central strips flush to the visible edges of the shelves between the sidebars on. Press these firmly.

9. Arbeitsschritt
9. step
Now your coffee table shelf is finished and depending on your mood, you can use it as an open or hidden shelf or turn it over and use it as a table.


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