Depth limit for the handsaw

Begrenzung fürs Sägeblatt
Many machines are equipped with her, with the depth limit for the tool attachment. With hand tools, things look different.

Although there are special tools, which has an adjustable depth limitation. But it does not belong strictly to the standard equipment.
A very simple depth gauge can be produced from masking tape on each blade. Measure from the tooth tips of two locations on the blade, the depth to plunge the saw maximum. Stick the masking tape strips parallel to the tooth edge on the blade. Prevent superimposed glued Several strips that the tape is pushed away during sawing and they offer little resistance when the desired depth is reached.
An alternative is a thin Leistchen which is glued with double-sided tape directly on the blade. Disadvantage: The double-sided adhesive tape can be difficult again after the metal dissolve as the masking tape.


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