Box for waste wood

After I built the wooden storage rack recently was still a solution for smaller wood remains necessary - a box with roller wheels.


And was built in the whole course of  it again is about to see an "end furniture," was in the construction especially fast and easy to design in the tender documents. So no complicated connections but simply glue and screws.
Material came several OSB board remains in 22 mm and 18mm thickness is used, the more of a variety of projects such as Cabinets in the System 32 were left.
Hence the weight of the case has shown: 60 cm high, 60 cm wide and 95 cm long. The sawing I have done with the portable circular saw and guide rail, since the parts but are quite unwieldy.

It is mounted on two trestles. So you get easily to all sites to be screwed. The parts were glued and fixed with clamps, then bolted together with plenty ASSY screw 4 * 50. To mount the intermediate divider, this was placed and bolted to a bucket. Bucket take out, done!


Here you can see also the sense of a screw with partial thread. The thread engages below positively, but the top plate has no intervention and is thus used to the lower plate. So there is gap-free connections, provided that the cut edges are clean.

This box is quite heavy, this gets 4 ball-bearing heavy-duty rollers. Each has a load capacity of 60kg - so that the box and its contents 240kg may be difficult without the rolls up her mind.


The roles with M5 captive nuts are fastened is driven into the interior with the mallet. The fitting was carried out with allen screws M5 * 30 who still get a washer, so that the head has a larger contact area.

The view of the completely assembled roll. Thanks to the continuous screw the roles can not be torn even when driving over small obstacles.


Now just put the box on the floor and you can begin with the granting.
After sorting the first part but it became clear that there's more partitions are needed. So without further ado sawn two more partitions and fitted. These were just screwed and not glued. So I can change the schedule again, if required.

Even the wooden "small stuff" is now housed neatly and clearly. This is the action "finally order" probably a temporary end.


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