How to Build Small Wood Projects

So concentrate on something of value, the creativity and the use of our mind is therapeutically. It provides for the separation of concerns lengthy, because the time to process the fears of normal daily activities, tasks, and the life. Building small wood projects is one of many therapeutic activities. It is an easy and inexpensive way to deal with stress, while fortunately manufacturing fun little items.

How to Build Small Wood Projects

Wie bauen Kleine Holz-Projekte

Small wooden Project

What you need
Tape Measure
Wood glue
Wooden brackets
Wood filler
80-, 120- and 220-grit sandpaper
Finish nails
Wood screws
Power Tools
Carpentry tools

1. Design the project. Determine what you want to build. Sketch a rough thumbnail representation of the project.

2. From the little sketch, determine the materials that you need along with their respective amounts. Create to finish the project from start to finish in your mind.

3. Drag the project explicit. Expand on the original idea. Include in the measurements, the details and specifications, processes.

4. Collect the building materials and tools.

5. Cut the rough lumber to approximate sizes and shapes. Cut all connection details.

6. Sand the pieces to a 80-, 120- and 220-grit smoothness with an orbital sander.

7. Mount the project. Glue and clamp all joints; use finish nails and screws sparingly.

8. Gaps and nail holes with wood putty to match the types of wood used.

9.Include any aesthetic pieces and finish grinding the project by hand with 220-grit sandpaper.

10. Stain, color or finish in accordance with the original idea.


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